Ten reasons Lady Gaga is better than black metal

  1. Lady Gaga appreciates more than just one genre.
  2. Lady Gaga has better outfits.
  3. Lady Gaga has a better stage presence than black metal bands.
  4. Lady Gaga has more original music videos.
  5. Lady Gaga channels her insecurities into overly strong worries about other people’s misfortune, rather than faux elitism.
  6. Lady Gaga knows that cell phones cause cancer.
  7. Lady Gaga can dance.
  8. Lady Gaga shows up unexpectedly at heavy metal concerts. When was the last time Varg Vikernes or another ponytail showed up unexpectedly at one of Lady Gaga’s concerts?
  9. Unlike some of us (cough VARG cough) Lady Gaga did not rot in prison for stabbing her best friend to death.
  10. Lady Gaga’s songs make you happy. Black metal just leaves you angry, without providing any really productive solutions, other than abandoning fashion, haircuts and any music that is not metal and buying identical black T-shirts.

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Argan Oil to Keep the Hair as ‘Majestic’ and ‘Glorious’

I use Argan Oil! Once a week I slather it on before bed and in the morning I shampoo it off. I don’t use conditioner so this keeps my hair totally luxe without oiling it down.

One tip: As argan oil is becoming more popular, the quality is going down and the traditionally female workers are being more exploited (and since this is TrollX…). Many cheap argan products are laden down with terrible chemicals, which in and of itself is bad. I’ve been to an argan oil producing commune in Morocco, and the women who make it (and they are nearly always women) are poor, generally Berbers, and support their families off of this precious crop. As western demand grows, both the workers and the trees are becoming more exploited by large producers who take production away from the communes and thereby take away these women’s livelihood.

tl;dr : it’s more expensive but try to buy only from fair trade certified producers like SheerArgan who give their profits back to the women who make the oil. And you shouldn’t use but a drop anyway, so it will last you a while. Argan oil is wonderful!


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Essence Longlasting Matte Lipglosses review and swatches

A Step into new fashion Era …

Cat Eyes Red Lips

essence matte lipgloss review

 Hello birdies, you look beautiful today! Are you getting prettier day by day? Speaking of pretty, I finally took some pictures of my Essence XXXL Longlasting lipglosses, the Soft Nude and the Silky Red that I got a while back.

I saw they actually had three shades in the store where I got mine, there was also a soft pink one that I didn’t get because pink is just not that flattering on me. But Sophie bought that one and she included it in her Favorites post, so check that out if you are curious to see the shade I’m missing.

These Matt Effect lipglosses are my new go-to lip products, as they are creamy, easy to apply and the colours are pretty neat. In terms of texture, they resemble more to a cream lipstick than an actual lipgloss, which has to be my fave thing about them!…

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