Rachel Kate Chevron Tunic Dress- Black

Everyone has a strong desire to look his or her best, regardless of the event or their age. This can be carried out through the casual wear latest trends you select. Today, women’s clothing has been created by top niche designers to make them look more fab. As women have more inner craving to draw appreciative looks, there are several designer outfits available in the market to enhance their looks.

Rachel Kate is such type of designer who has the capability to make you look like a princess through the dresses she made. The dress appeared here in the picture is one such example. This is a beautiful tunic chevron print dress in combination of white and black. The knee length dress is suitable for every special occasion whether you are going for an evening party, a night event or for a special date with someone very special.

The most appealing part of the dress is the outlook pattern of the colour black and white. The zig zag creation looks so different and fantastic. Also it has a natural effect to make you look longer than your height. The combination of colour black and white is extremely eye catching. This combination is suitable to all type of skin colours. The full sleeves of the dress add to its beauty.

A dress is beautiful only if it is comfortable. To make your dressing experience more pleasurable, the dress is made with a combination of cotton, polyester and spandex. The dress is so light that you will not feel any anxiety or restlessness while wearing it.

The dress is available in three different sizes that are small, medium and large to make a perfect fit according to your body type. This is also available in two more different colours that is cobalt blue and red so that you can chose from your favourite one.

The best part of the dress is that it is available for so much cheaper price. All you have to pay is just $48. Having so many qualities, what else you can expect in such a low price.

The dress has a code KD5843. Just try the dress once; I am sure you will get several compliments.

To Read More about Rachel Kate Chevron Tunic Dress Visit here http://www.lavocollections.com




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