All About Fashion

Latest fashion is all about dressing yourself appropriately and the way in which you convey the dress and carry it.

It’s on how you style your clothes, cosmetics and also your demeanour. Fashion is habitually altering. Fashion has all the tricks to transform your personality completely and make you a social icon. Latest trend is an art pattern and it is not only about wearing expensive apparel. You can use fashion to articulate yourself. Mostly women are conscious about latest trends.

Designers and Celebrities are substantially leveraged on what are the hottest trends. Latest trend started with most genius and creative designers and pursued with more well liked designers. Most popular examples are Gucci, Dolce, Christian Dior, Tommy Hilfiger and many more. Due to severe upgrade in fashion, there are so many people in the world who are making fashion their profession now. Latest trend is not just about what is in; it is furthermore what’s out.

Most women pursues latest fashion on publications and by watching trend displays, other imitates celebrity trend. When you’re into latest trend they call you “Fashaholic”, they are the one who habitually pursues the hottest and newest trend. Mostly the “Fashaholic” are the socialites, celebrities and even political leaders. For me, not all persons who are into newest fashion are cool and gaze good on them. In Hollywood, there are Fashion policeman that reconsider Celebrities fashions and commentary if they are alright or not, who’s the worse clothed ever etc. Fashion police is an individual who gives remarks and proposals if persons dress according to good flavour or not.

Advantage of being into latest trend is you evolve your personality and self-assurance. Trendy clothed persons tend to attract more positive vigilance and vibes. That way, she does not have to seem attentive. It furthermore makes you popular to your friends or to your community. But there is also some disadvantages of it like newest fashion can consume cash and resources that could be put to utilise that help society more.

In my opinion, fashion is not about just wearing the clothes that are in trend, it is all about looking your best in the clothes that suits your body type and in which you feel comfortable. For me, Simplicity is best fashion. Just wear according to your own style and choice and carry it with confidence, if you do so, I am sure there is none who can beat you in terms of fashion and elegance.

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