New Year, New Styles, New Sales

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Merry Christmas From Lavo

Hello Fashionistas!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate Christmas! I hope you’re all having a fantastic time with your family being merry. I’ve not been doing much writing of late, as I’ve been preparing for the holiday period and endlessly helping customers with selecting fabulous outfits for Christmas Eve.

Two-Tone Dolman Sleeve Tee Shirt

Two-Tone Dolman Sleeve Tee Shirt


Online Apparel Stores – A Next Gen Lady’s Best Shopping Companion

Whenever a lady opens her cupboard, she always wonders and complains she does not have anything to wear!!! Well this is true for every lady, be it in any part of the globe. The crib is always there, no wonder ladies are considered avid shoppers. They have to let out their suppressed desire of shopping one way or the other. However, the biggest hurdles that ladies face these days is the time to go and shop and the effort to go with someone or alone. Not only this, shopping just does not mean buying clothes, it’s a complete day out loaded with chats and gossips. It seems to be a perfect day out but with increasing work loads and commitment, where is the time? Well today, there is a solution for everything and online apparel stores are the best bet in this regards.

online apparel store

Online Apparel Store

The online apparel store – Your Best Time Saver!

Today, the world of online shopping brings great advantages to its customer who wants to shop and also at the same time save time and be in the pleasure of her comfort zone. The online store today gives you a virtual experience of the dress or the apparel that you wish to purchase. You can even see yourself in the dress and can have a good look at how you would look in the dress. Many of the online stores now give you the option to upload your picture as well. Further, the best advantage of the online store is in case you want to return your purchase; the online store will take the responsibility to pick and replace the same for you.

Excellent Product showcase and advantage with an online apparel store

The online store puts forth its entire product showcase in front of you with just a click and what more would one want.

  • The entire selection is right in front of you and all you need to do is, just make a pick.
  • Ease of going through the entire product catalog.
  • Ease in getting the product pricing and the available inventory.
  • No irritation of the nagging salesman to coax you to make the decision on purchase
  • Complete freedom to make your shopping comfortable.

Change is the only thing which is constant. Today be it shopping or just having fun, everything has gone through a see change. Now experience an awesome time shopping sitting in the warmth of your house with an online apparel store right next to you.


2013 Winter Fall Trends

The wonderful overview of the trends by LeReve Fashion…


This fall winter’s trend hunting across all the fashion capitals leads the best of upcoming hottest trends. Everyone knows about the classic turtleneck that adds elegance and warmth without adding bulk. Also wearing a basic cotton style top under a heavy-fabric coat offers the perfect blend of simplicity and style.
Moreover the trends get hotter when the online portals exhibit them ahead of time. There is a wide range of fashion trends to embrace and to help you be stylish all throughout the winter. This season, winter white will make the strongest impressions. Also the fashionable furs, parkas, and leathers will be the unmistakable picks.

Do’s and Don’ts:

Do not forget the hats, fedoras, floppy knits, and even baseball caps this season.


The floral and girly prints are a past thing; classic prints like hounds tooth will be the ideal choices.


Choose animal prints, specially leopard prints this season. Also…

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