Outfit of the Month – Lavo

I am glad that fashion lovers actually reading blog posts by Lavo Collections and appreciate my efforts by liking them. I am happy to see the new milestone of likes reached to 80 and followers to 51. This may probably not much to a lot of bloggers here but to me its big! So Hello new fashionistas, and thank you all my readers.

So today i’m going to do post outfit of the month by Lavo Collections My favorite outfit I have put together! Its only 3rd Jan but I love fashion and already have a favorite outfit! I hope you like this too. The fabulous A-line Dress with Diamante Neckline. I love this A-line dress so much! Especially in Holidays, The gorgeous sleeveless dress features an flattering A-line cut, round neckline with Diamante detail and exposed back zipper for closure and fit.

So where is my A-line dress from? This Chic dress is from a Lavo Collections store. If you Google search they do have a website. ANYHOW there is hundreds of High Street places that sell A-line dresses with Diamante so get ‘searching’ in Google! You probably will be thinking. What do I wear bottoms the outfit with? Obviously tights because its winter! Why would you go out bare legs! Well I would not anyway, unless you’re like going to a party and you want a bit of attention!

Picture source:-
Red A-line Dress with Diamante Neckline

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