Argan Oil to Keep the Hair as ‘Majestic’ and ‘Glorious’

I use Argan Oil! Once a week I slather it on before bed and in the morning I shampoo it off. I don’t use conditioner so this keeps my hair totally luxe without oiling it down.

One tip: As argan oil is becoming more popular, the quality is going down and the traditionally female workers are being more exploited (and since this is TrollX…). Many cheap argan products are laden down with terrible chemicals, which in and of itself is bad. I’ve been to an argan oil producing commune in Morocco, and the women who make it (and they are nearly always women) are poor, generally Berbers, and support their families off of this precious crop. As western demand grows, both the workers and the trees are becoming more exploited by large producers who take production away from the communes and thereby take away these women’s livelihood.

tl;dr : it’s more expensive but try to buy only from fair trade certified producers like SheerArgan who give their profits back to the women who make the oil. And you shouldn’t use but a drop anyway, so it will last you a while. Argan oil is wonderful!


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