How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses That You Can Never Go Wrong With – Guest Post

While shopping with your friends is always fun, shopping for the bridesmaid dresses can be extremely tricky and frustrating. While the choices can be infinite, your bridesmaids would definitely like to have some inputs on what they will wear- and too many opinions can result in utter confusion while shopping. Plus, they might differ in their style statement and what might look flattering on one of your girls might not work for others.

So how to choose bridesmaid dresses that complement all your besties? Here are some rules of thumb for you to stick to. With these tricks up your sleeve, shopping for the dresses for the D-day is going to be easier.

Rule#1: Think of a definite style that coordinates with your wedding dress

The dresses that your bridesmaids are going to wear should coordinate with the style of gown you are going to wear on your wedding. Consider your overall wedding style as well. Is it a vintage, classic or modern style wedding? Make sure that the bridesmaids’ dresses fit the vibe. For example, if you are going to wear something like a Bohemian lace dress, then make sure that your girls don’t end up buying formal taffeta dresses.

bridesmaid dresses

Rule #2: Let your girls find their dresses  

Let’s face it. Every woman’s body shape can be different, and there’s no particular style that flatters every body type.

So the shortcut to find something really nice for each of your bridesmaid is- buy dresses from a designer who can offer similar dresses in different cuts and neckline. Allow your girls to pick something that they are comfortable with.  DO NOT force them into the same dresses- that can lead to a big fashion faux-pas at your wedding venue.

However, you might want to skim through the fashion magazines and online- and decide on a particular style that you like unanimously. Also, Empire dresses and A-line dresses are something that suits almost any body shape. So it can be a practicable solution while searching for the ‘perfect’ bridesmaid dresses.

P.S: You can pull their look together with similar flowers and accessories.

Sassy maid wedding dress

Sassy maid

Rule#3: Give due consideration to colors

The colors of the dresses you choose for the bridesmaids can either make or break your style quotient. Do not go by any bridesmaid dress colors which are considered to be ‘In’, but make sure that the shades you choose suits the skin tone and hair colors of your girls. Here are some important things to consider while choosing the right color:

  • Try working in a two-color palette ( like pink and coral)
  • Never hesitate to experiment with colors- because some colors that look dull and boring on the rack might actually pop when they will be worn.
  • You may want to ask your bridesmaids to wear different shades of same color instead of buying dresses of identical hue. You’ll love the way they look…

Rule#4: Don’t forget to buy comfortable shoes

Remember that there is a lot of standing around and work for the bridesmaids to do in the wedding; hence the shoes they wear should be extremely comfortable. However, make sure that they pick shoes designed with sequins, rhinestones, paillettes and other things that never fail to grab eyeballs.


No matter the dress you choose for your bridesmaids to wear on the D-day, make sure that you do not insist her on buying something extremely expensive. As traditionally, the bridesmaid herself pays for the dress that she’s going to wear on your big day. You can, however, suggest them different online shops offering stylish Bridesmaid Dresses UK for reasonable prices. Last, but not the least, pick dresses which can be worn in several occasions. Remember that it is only your wedding gown that will be exclusively worn for the day. Your bridesmaids under no circumstances would wear dresses suitable for a particular event.

Author Bio:

Faith Thorpe is a north London based fashion designer who owns her own wedding boutique in the city. She loves designing and supplying Bridesmaid Dresses UK at reasonable price.