The top four comfortable but fashionable shoes

When it comes to shoe shopping, there are two kinds of ladies. One kind is where they want to find the most comfortable to talk in shoes. The other kind are those who wish to have shoes that will make them look glamorous and good-looking. However, both these features are generally not found in the same kind of shoe. For this purpose, many women would have to choose between being comfortable or wearing unique shoes. Footwear designers soon came up with a solution that there should be fashionable shoes which are not only attractive but also comfortable to wear as well. It was a hard task to carry out but it was not impossible. Designers came up with a range of shoes which displayed comfort and fashion both at the same time. From that point onwards, finding comfortable and good-looking shoes was not a hard task in the markets. Every designer prioritized the fact that women admire shoes which are the best looking shoes in town but also allow them to walk in them for hours whether they are wearing them to work or to their causal hang out. Below are some of the most comfortable shoes found in the market, which are very unique and distinctive in nature:

Bejeweled flats 

Flats are generally not worn by women who wish to look fashionable. But they are the most worn shoes on a normal day for work or during a normal routine. Designers decided to take it up a notch by introducing bejeweled flats which are flats with heavy embellishments. These shoes look perfect at a formal occasion as well since they have heavy jewels on them and they stand out from normal flats. Bejeweled flats are now a common part of the footwear family and can be found in the majority of the footwear markets around the world.

Faux heels 

Faux heels are not commonly available in the market but they tend to be more on the fashionable side. Footwear designers have found a way to make these highly stylish heels more comfortable with incorporating heel pads in them. This way women do not feel uncomfortable when they are walking in them for how long time they wish to walk in them. Faux heels have long been in the market especially being a part of the elite class and representing bold women. With the additional of padded heels, now every woman is able to carry the grace of faux heels.

Casual wedges

Casual wedges have always been a hot favorite amongst women who love fashionable and comfortable shoes. These were originally developed by keeping both the important factors in mind hence these shoes were not altered at a later stage. These wedges work perfectly with any kind of dress and become a common wear in the summertime. Casual wedges can be found in many colors and designs hence women have many options to choose from in order to suit their needs and desires.


Ankle Boots 

With a touch of glamour and huge on style, ankle boots have always been a hot favorite for women who love shoes with cover. They are exceptionally comfortable whether they are flat or high-heeled. Women do not only wear them in the winter season but now prefer to wear them throughout the year due to their fashionable statement and trendy look with every other outfit. Women can wear ankle boots with a dress or jeans or even casual wear which would highlight the boots and become eye-catching. Ankle boots are worn much more than full length boots which are suitable for only the winter time.

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