Maxi Dresses : Trendy Summer Styles

maxi dresses

From Lavo Collections (10% off w/ $30 purchase):
Crochet Top Maxi ($55.00)
Multi Strap Back Maxi Dress ($45)
Aztec Print Maxi Dress ($48)

Maxi’s are a great summer staple!  We have a few chic pieces that you love to travel in. If you want a place to pick up crazy cheap designer maxi dresses go to Lavocollections(dot)com – really one of latest trends sites at the moment and they have a big summer dresses sale starting tomorrow – up to 40% off!


From Victoria’s Secret (free shipping w/ $100 purchase):
Maxi Tank Dress ($69.50)
Floral Maxi Dress ($100)
Cotton Crochet Maxi Dress ($96)

maxi dresses for summer


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Lavo’s Customers Rocking Our Style

Check out Lavo’s beautiful customer @hilarylaine  enjoying her Saturday day out, rocking our maxi dress !

maxi dress summer

We love to see our customers looking beautiful and rocking their Lavo pieces! We want to share your posts!

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