Love Wearing White Lace this Summer

Love Wearing White Lace this Summer

You’d love wearing lace and especially white lace because it reveals femininity and purity. Lace embraces this light and romantic element that makes your whole look more subtle and elegant. Just try beautiful white lace shirt from Lavo. Check it out here


Flirty & Fun – Lace It Up for Fall

Flirty and fun lace dresses, tops and skirts are the new trend, and will be the perfect addition to your holiday wardrobe!

Usually reserved for wedding dresses and formal attire, lace is back and can be worn day or night, casual or dressy.

Lace can be the perfect blend of sweet and sexy when done right. To avoid looking like a runaway bride, try to avoid pure white lace and instead go for an Ivory or off-white shade. Or just add some color, such as neon to make white lace look fun and edgy!

Lace can also look a little lingerie-like at times. So for the office, try pairing with more structured pieces like a tailored jacket or pants or a tailored shirt with a lace skirt.

And finally, go with lace patterns that are bolder, brighter or darker for a more edgy look.

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