Ten reasons Lady Gaga is better than black metal

  1. Lady Gaga appreciates more than just one genre.
  2. Lady Gaga has better outfits.
  3. Lady Gaga has a better stage presence than black metal bands.
  4. Lady Gaga has more original music videos.
  5. Lady Gaga channels her insecurities into overly strong worries about other people’s misfortune, rather than faux elitism.
  6. Lady Gaga knows that cell phones cause cancer.
  7. Lady Gaga can dance.
  8. Lady Gaga shows up unexpectedly at heavy metal concerts. When was the last time Varg Vikernes or another ponytail showed up unexpectedly at one of Lady Gaga’s concerts?
  9. Unlike some of us (cough VARG cough) Lady Gaga did not rot in prison for stabbing her best friend to death.
  10. Lady Gaga’s songs make you happy. Black metal just leaves you angry, without providing any really productive solutions, other than abandoning fashion, haircuts and any music that is not metal and buying identical black T-shirts.

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“Winterizing Your Wardrobe” TV Segment Featuring Lavo Collections – by Kileen!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

“Winterizing Your Wardrobe” TV Segment Featuring Lavo Collections

I did a little TV segment for Good Day Dallas last Wednesday where I featured clothes from a boutique called Lavo Collections.  It was my first time on TV so I was pretty nervous, but it was an incredibly fun experience!  I picked out 4 different outfits to feature on the show (3 on the models and 1 on me!) and went through a few of my tips on how to transition a summer outfit into the Fall and Winter season.

And it wasn’t mentioned in the video, but Pouf Blowdry Bar did our hair and makeup before the show.  It was such a nice gesture as they opened up their boutique bright and early to have us prepped.

Thank you so much to Lavo Collections, Pouf, and Good Day Dallas for a great opportunity!

– See more at: http://www.cuteandlittle.com/2013/12/winterizing-your-wardrobe-tv-segment.html#sthash.mUBXmOBa.dpuf