Festive Red Dress Perfect for Christmas

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Bodycon + Long Sleeve + Mini Dress + Red

Red will be the obvious colour for fashion enthusiasts who gonna join night parties at Christmas.

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What to Wear in Houston by Lavo Collections

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by Maheen Dhanani | Houston style is just as diverse as the city itself. No one, specific trend stands out at any time but, instead, a mixture of different points of view that makes the city unique. You’ll find elements from all different regions and backgrounds that influence personal style. Today, for example, you may find someone walking out of the house in cowboy boots, and tomorrow she dons henna-covered hands.

When it comes to nightlife, everyone wants to turn heads, whether it be for the amount of effort they put into their outfit…or the lack they want you to think they put in. Despite the assortment of styles, there is one thing that most Houstonians share, and that is the love of designer brands.  Depending on where you go in the city, you can spot a guy at a club wearing an Adidas sweat suit, or you may find him looking like he just came down a runway with a Louis Vuitton scarf around his neck. Girls in one place may be wearing nothing but Louboutins, or they could be sporting Jordans.

Ahhh…love how this dress is perfect for a chilly but not too cold Houston winter. Click to learn more and to shop this look.

When your city has a mall like the Galleria, it’s not hard to notice the demand for luxury goods. There is a lot of wealth in Houston, and even for those who may not have it, there is still emphasis placed on grandeur. You can almost always count on a statement piece to make an impression with someone’s outfit.

Sassy but elegant, the perfect look for a night out or a special date. Click to learn more and to shop this look.

Houston also has a very prevalent hip-hop/music scene which shapes the trends of the city. It wouldn’t be uncommon to find graphic tees paired with tight mini-skirts and heels. The mix of street wear and designer wear is something we like to call “urban chic”. You take the rawness of downtown and combine it with the opulence of, for example, River Oaks and come out with a very Houston vibe.

Lavo Collections is one store in H-town that has been dedicated to defining Houston style while helping their clients create their own looks. One of the great things about Houston shopping, just like Houston style, is that, while you have your run-of-the-mill stores, you have places like Lavo Collections that constantly rotate fresh looks that you know no one else will have in their closet and that are easy to make your own.

We especially love how pieces we’ve showcased here from Lavo are easy to dress up or down, mix and match, and accessorize.  A great practice that any stylish Houstonian does for sure is to pick out a silhouette that will work for multiple occasions and in multiple ways just by changing her shoe, adding a scarf or adding a splash of color.

Check out any of Lavos’ five Houston locations today or shop their fabulous collection online to see more looks like this to add to your collection.

LOVE this lace-top dress that will be on your style checklist year after year. Click to learn more and to shop this look.


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