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Check out Lavo’s beautiful customer @hilarylaine  enjoying her Saturday day out, rocking our maxi dress !

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Choosing Red Color for Women Clothing

Wearing red color looks daring and can indeed accentuate your personality. The bold color boosts confidence and makes any woman appear more attractive. Know why.

Other colors such as green, yellow, blue, black or other come with a certain fashion and disappear. However, red color is an everlasting color that does not need a trend. It looks stylish all the year around.

Leather Trim Zipper Dress by Lavo Collections

From the primitive times, red has been known as the color of love so even if you do not love the red color but you can improve your love relationship by wearing red color clothing. About choosing red color, you can always look for women’s red silk tunic which is in trend these days.

Psychological Effects of the Wearing Red Color Clothing

According to psychological researches, red color brings various effects on an individual’s mood, innermost desires and self-confidence. The color is believed to symbolise determination, courage, and thus if a woman wears a red color silk tunic, automatically she starts feeling more courageous and bold.

Red color silk tunic for women have an amazing charm and can help ground women their energies. Many people have benefited from wearing red color clothing in their daily lives.

For instance, many women found that their career was enhanced, some felt enhancement in their love relationships and some singles found their love matches. In addition to this, according to the evidences many women love to wear red clothing because it allows them to express their true identity and self-confidence.

Red is thus indeed a very powerful color and wearing it in casuals or in a party will allow a woman portray confidence and a bold attitude in public.

While wearing a darker shade of red color may make a women feel quite gloomy, they can choose lighter shades of the color to feel comfortable.

Chakra Association with Red Color Clothing:

Red color basically connects to the base chakra located at the base of the spine of a human body. The chakra entails the primary 8 cells that can create anything and remain as the only cells in an individual’s body.

The red color associates with such stability and security that when a woman wears a red silk tunic, she feels all the way more stable and is able to make the right decisions in life. What more?

Red color has everything to illuminate your life and charge your energies. Why not to try it in your clothing style and establish a new style statement by wearing different styles of women red clothing. You can wear red color tunics, tops, with matching red accessories and see how the color brings a unique charm to your life.