Tips for Choosing the Best Jeans For Your Body Shape


There is no doubt that jeans are essential when it comes to women’s fashion. The right pair of jeans will complete your outfit and complement your figure perfectly. If you are having problems finding the right pair of jeans to complement your body shape check out these tips.

Jeans for Petite Body

When choosing a pair of jeans for a petite body shape you have to be careful to not get a pair of jeans with too much material. A small body frame will easily get overwhelmed if the jeans are too bunched up.

Look for jeans that are a more exact fit. Try to get a trim fit that will play up any curves you’ve got. Stay away from too much extra embellishments that’ll make your small, petite body appear unbalanced.

Jeans for Tall Body Shape

Tall women have it tough when it comes to finding the right pair of jeans for their body shape. If you’re tall then it’s in your best interest to look for jeans that are cut specifically for lengthy frames. Now a days there are many jeans that are made out of materials that stretch, which will add more comfort.

Jeans for the Hourglass Shape

If you’ve got an hourglass shape look for jeans that have a contoured waistband instead of ones that are cut straight across. Jeans with contoured waistbands will fit your hourglass shape perfectly around the hips without gaping at the waist.

Jeans with a straight cut waistband will fit your midsection too loosely. This body shape is very curvy with full hips. To complement this curvy frame you can wear jeans that have a wider cut at the bottom, such as boot cuts. Stay away from jeans that have very tapered legs, because they’ll make your hips look wider.

Jeans for Straight Body Shape

Straight body shapes require jeans that provides more room. Stay away from skinny jeans as they can make your legs look too thin. Also, flared style jeans should be avoided too because they have too much volume they’ll make your legs look out of proportion. The best type of jeans for this body shape are straight leg jeans.

Jeans for Body with a Stomach

If you’ve got a stomach you aren’t too proud of you should wear jeans that have a little higher rise so you don’t end up walking around with a muffin top. Stay away from jeans that don’t stretch, as they’ll dig into your midsection and make it hard for you to bend over and sit down.

Jeans for the Plus Size Body

If you are a full figured woman you should choose dark colored jeans because they’ll create a slimming effect. Jeans with a straight cut are the most flattering for a plus size body.


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